Advantage of Residential MBA Program in India

Posted by IIBS Business School On 10/04/2017 03:14:34

MBA is a degree that everyone wants to pursue to take their career further. However, another thing that concerns most students is whether they should pursue a residential MBA program or a non-residential one.

MBA is a degree which almost everyone today wants to pursue in order to see progress in their career. You can specialise in N number of fields. But are you confused about whether to pursue a residential MBA course or non-residential? There are many advantages that residential MBA has over non-residential MBA. Residential programs may be expensive, but they are definitely worth the investment. Read on to know some of its benefits.

Campus Experience: The experience of living in the campus and spending time on campus cannot be gained in a non-residential MBA program. The experience of learning that you gain in a residential MBA cannot be gained in daytime campus life.  Residential MBA helps one learn various skills and concepts of and helps in better transformation of students to professional. You can also have access to your mentors and seniors at all times as everyone stays together in a residential program.

The experience of living with diverse cultures: Students from various backgrounds and cultures reside in the same campus. Therefore, one can learn from different and innovative ideas that students from various backgrounds bring onto campus. Students also learn to respect and value other cultures. Thus, interaction with different students increases one’s knowledge in various areas. This encourages development of teamwork and other similar skills.

Time-saving: When you stay in the campus, you don’t have to bother about spending time in travelling to and fro. You can concentrate on the program completely without wasting any time and you can give your complete attention to the course. This helps in effective time-management as well.

Networking: Staying connected with the right people will help you in future. Therefore, when you network with seniors and others outside the classes in an informal manner will help one in making connections that can help one in making the right career choices.

There is no doubt that residential MBA programs are a bit more difficult than the regular programs, but they are definitely a worthwhile investment in terms of  the money and time you invest in the program.


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