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Posted by Prof. Sibananda Das On 07/10/2022 07:37:15

The adventure learning programme is one component of a hybrid educational strategy that is redefining teaching and learning in the curriculum of MBA. For MBA students in the new batch, the Management Orientation Module (MOM 2022) was concluded with an ALP programme. This training was put out by IIBS in the outskirts  of Bangalore. 

The students left the hostel at 6.30 AM and arrived at the venue at 9.00 AM with faculty coordinators Prof. Sibananda and Prof. Mangala Reddy. Following a delicious breakfast, the students received a briefing on the day's events. There were perhaps 70 students total, and they were split into two groups. The first task required the students to take part in Rapling, where many of them overcame their fear of heights. Jummering was the second task the students completed, and it helped them identify their key strengths. Both events served as a means of strengthening the bonds amongst the students as they supported one another while having fun. Following these two events, lunch was provided. best colleges for mba correspondence in bangalore

After lunch, the students continued to their third activity, zip line, which turned out to be one of the most enjoyable activities of ALP. It took place exactly where one of the most recognizable moments from the film Sholey was taken. The day's fourth activity mostly focused on team building and corporate learning. mba business analytics bangalore

The students received tea and refreshments before participating in rain dance. Following the rain dance, a bonfire was lit, and the students all started singing and dancing while having a great time. Following that, everyone shared a meal, and then the students spent the night outside in tents, which was a moment they would never forget. mba in data science in bangalore

The following day began early at 6 AM because trekking was the trip's final activity and every student was looking forward to it. By 8:30 am, the trek was finished, and all the students returned to base camp to eat breakfast. The faculty coordinators then offered their final reflections on the experience and the lessons that the students should take away with them.

The trip turned out to be a memorable and enjoyable journey for the students, strengthening their bonds and encouraging them to confront their concerns and open out to one another. The students would benefit from improved leadership and teamwork abilities, problem-solving abilities, self-esteem and confidence, student trust, and communication skills.

Of course, it would also assist the students in effectively navigating the difficulties that come with being exposed to an unfamiliar outside setting on a physical, psychological, and emotional level.

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