Adventure Learning Programs: Building teams & leaders at IIBS

Posted by Dr. Rajasulochana On 19/07/2018 06:42:33

IIBS distinguishes itself as an institution for practical & well-rounded learning. Adventure Learning Programme (ALP) to help develop our Students in the following areas i.e. Trust, Support, Planning, Delegation, Leadership, Communication, Problem Solving, Time Management, Building Relationships, Creativity & Innovation.

Today’s Corporate World requires an individual to portrait self-determination, problem-solving ability, restraint, team working and poise and an adventures activity develops it in a person. This also helps an MBA aspirant to have a dynamic personality to face the global corporate world. Therefore, it becomes essential for a management student to be introduced to adventure programs that offer ample scope for developing distinctive management ethos, personality traits, and cross-cultural demands of the corporate world.

ALP is conducted before the commencement of the academic session as it helps students in the following areas i.e., Planning, Leadership, Communication, Listening Skills, Problem Solving, Time Management, Relationship Building, Creativity and Delegation.

The students were taken from IIBS Bangalore to Ramnagar in the morning on 11 July 2018 (A section) & 12 July 2018 (B section). After reaching the venue breakfast was provided and after that everyone was asked to assemble for an introduction and warm-up session. Students were divided into two groups for the activities. The very first activity was Rippling, followed by Zipline, Jumaring and other learning activities.

The entire day program ended with dinner followed by a bonfire with a musical event. The very next morning students were taken for morning trekking. The entire program really worked as an energy booster to start the academic session.

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live life of your dreams.


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