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Posted by Prof. Susmitha TP On 10/04/2023 10:27:38

Mentoring is when one person contributes their time and knowledge to help another person develop their abilities and experience. Mentoring helps for the transition from student to entrepreneur. The core of management education is in preparing and empowering students to develop intellectually and behaviourally into capable individuals equipped to meet and manage issues from both inside and outside their organisations or places of employment. By using mentoring as a pedagogy, Business Schools that provide MBA programmes can better ensure that their students become professionals. mba business analytics bangalore

The mentoring shouldn’t be a burden for the mentor and mentee. Instead of thinking about how the mentorship will only benefit the mentee and seeing it is a one-sided relationship, take a step back and realize that the mentee becomes an embodiment of the mentor and a sounding board of the mentor’s values and beliefs. Both mentors and mentees should utilize the following core skills in their mentoring partnerships; best mba courses in bangalore

  • The most fundamental mentoring skill is active listening; other skills are built on it and depend on it. It shows mentors and mentees that their issues have been acknowledged and understood when both listen attentively. mba colleges in bangalore list
  • The more trust there is between mentors and mentees, the more dedicated they will be. They should maintain the confidentiality of information provided, spend quality time together, keep their word, respect the boundaries of both mentors and mentees, admit mistakes, and take ownership of fixing them in order to develop trust between them. In order for your partners to know that you are being honest with them, you need politely let them know if and why you disagree with something. mba in data analytics in bangalore
  • The most valued mentoring skill is giving encouragement. This includes giving mentoring partners recognition and sincere positive verbal feedback. top 20 mba colleges in bangalore
  • Both the mentor and the mentee should have a personal vision, clear goals, and a solid understanding of the present situation. Be transparent with the mentees about their aspirations, dreams, and career/life goals as a mentor, and discuss those with them. Mentees also require this ability. They should be aware of their tentative goals, strengths, areas for improvement, and the precise assistance they require before approaching others for aid. good mba colleges in bangalore

Critical Skills for Mentors

  • Ability to teach or help a mentee enhance their skills.
  • Do motivational activities that push mentees to grow.
  • Provide constructive criticism to assist in identifying the risks associated with projects and actions, including some risks and errors the mentor has made.
  • Open the right doors that allow them to meet people and to demonstrate to different audiences what they can do.

Critical Skills for Mentees

  • Choose a desirable group of people who might be able to mentor you;
  • Put forth great effort to learn everything you can as quickly as you can, both directly and indirectly:
  • keep your word regarding assignments and commitments. To display this ability: abide by all commitments made to mentors; finish assignments on schedule and as promised, test out their advice, and report back the outcomes.

“There are countless ways of achieving greatness, but any road to achieving one’s maximum potential must be built on a bedrock of respect for the individual, a commitment to excellence, and a rejection of mediocrity”  — Buck Rodgers. -

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