Best B-Schools in Bangalore with high campus placements

Posted by IIBS Business School On 23/02/2018 05:00:52

At the start of the every academic season, you may probably have seen how B-Schools project themselves to prospective students. They employ all possible promotional activities to lure aspirants to their respective campuses. With so much competition amongst B-Schools in Bangalore, it is inevitable too.

Now, when it comes to statistics of placements, a few elite B-Schools rule the roost. Normally, it is the top 10 or 20 B-Schools in Bangalore that account for a major percentage of placements both in terms of numbers as well as packages offered to their graduates. Next, you will find second-rung B-Schools with reasonably good placement rankings. At the end of the table, newly formed B-Schools are found vying for rankings. Each year this battle for placement supremacy gets interesting, where one B-School notches ahead relegating another down the ranking list. Overall, it makes for an interesting spectacle each year, when MBA season begins.

Despite changes in placement rankings, a few B-Schools have consistently been holding on to their coveted rankings through impressive placement initiatives. These elite B-Schools have shown remarkable improvement through handsome packages to their graduates at campus interviews. International Institute of Business Studies-IIBS occupies a prestigious spot amongst such MBA colleges. It has featured in top-10 B-Schools in Bangalore for its exceptional placement history.

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