Beyond Rankings – 5 Aspects for choosing top B school in Bangalore

On 18/09/2021 11:51:26

How to Select The Right Business School


We all being from the internet savvy generation, our decisions are well affected by the rankings and reviews we see on the cyber world. Be it buying clothes to downloading an app, we all do our bit of research before formulating our decision. It becomes even more crucial when we are talking about building a career. For example, choosing the right B school is no joke. We need to understand our interests, goals and learning style and select a school that matches up to the expectations.

We have options and opportunities now in abundance and like never before. If you are considering doing an MBA from a top B school in Bangalore, you must go way ahead to find out what it takes to choose the best B school in India. The good news is, we are here to help you with the most important aspects of selecting a B school in India which fits your needs.

  • A B school builds itself on its faculty, primarily. It is important to know the quality of the faculty as it determines how good/bad the school itself is. Usually, they are experts in their fields with a strong educational and professional background bringing along a plethora of experience with them to the classrooms.
  •   Learning methodology is the key to understand if it suits your needs or not. Every individual is a different kind of learner and selecting a B school in India that imparts knowledge in your learning style can only be the holy grail.
  •   Industry relations and collaboration is another factor to consider as it determines the kind of corporate association the school has and also throws light on their placement quality and assistanc
  •   Placement assistance is directly related to how well trained are you in terms of handling live projects and executing the same. The better they train you, the higher is the assistance that you get. After all, breaking the ages-old myth – placement is provided by the industry and not by B schools. They assist you to get placed, that’s where training takes the major share.
  • Doing a good amount of research by interacting with the alumnus of the B school in India will help you understand and derive insights to make this life-changing decision. It may get you details which no other source of information can.

Apart from the above, it is basically important to know if doing an MBA from a specific B school in India will serve your purpose or not.


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