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Posted by Asst.Prof.Rubina Chettri On 14/09/2021 07:45:16

To build a creative business plan with limited resources by MBA Student of IIBS Bangalore Campus, Students at IIBS got an opportunity to build team spirit and bonding through a group activity of Business Model Preparation. The students were guided and advised at regular intervals on improving their business model.

The MBA students were divided into a group of six members and each team was provided with limited raw materials according to their business plan. All the group members worked hard to bring in the Innovative ideas and present the best Business Model. The team was highly enthusiastic and evident growth in team building was seen.

When asked to one of the team members of Zapato Pvt.Ltd, C.H Rajasekhar said, It is a great opportunity provided by the college to reflect our creativity. I wish to have much more activities. We are learning practically and that’s my biggest requirement fulfilled.

Another student, K Nagesh said, We were all nervous at the beginning because this was our first time doing a practical project. We made plenty of mistakes and we learned from our mistakes. That’s the biggest take away from this program.

It was a day at IIBS that saw extreme learning ability among MBA students. Collective thoughts from the students suggest their wish for more of such events.


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