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We communicate daily in our life including in our workplace, it's apart of our daily behavior. We all learn to communicate very earlier in our life with certain ethics, value, and culture. It is with the same additionally refined from the social functioning of the individual up until his/her employment, that he/she enters the new organization. Organizational culture refers to a core set of attitudes and practices that are shared by the members of the organization and that determine their behavior. The organizational culture can be noticed by the clients who frequently communicate with the employees, by the manner of communicating as a dominant form of communication, etc. 

It has been widely accepted by scholars and academics that communication is the lifeline of an organization, because it is needed for exchanging information, exchanging opinions, making plans and proposals, reaching agreements, executing decisions, sending and fulfilling orders, and conducting sales. Business communication is done both in and outside the organization; of course within the context of the organization itself. list of mba colleges in bangalore with contact details

Ethical decisions are based on universal principles of rights and wrongs as well as situational factions in which decisions are invoked. Lying can easily be noticed and even though it is a part of the behavior of an individual, it can still seriously contribute to the destruction of the image of a company. Even though honesty and proper behavior toward clients or coworkers are of great importance, we have to emphasize that honesty does not end there. The employees have to be honest with their superiors as well. best mba colleges in bangalore

Clients are the most important of any organization and meeting the client's needs and goals is very important these days no matter if it a service or good. Clients are the main reason any organization exists. Maintaining good relations and loyalty is essential for any company to have a profitable organization. Client-based companies are more dedicated to building a behavior culture toward the customers. These days more training programs are conducted by organization for their employees about how to behave with clients.

The employee must make a good impression with every contact that he/she makes with the client, no matter whether the contact is in person or via electronic communication. interactions with clients play a central part in our lives from health care to auto repair to banking, to clerical support, service interactions have become a significant part of our daily routines and the nature of these interactions may dramatically impact our overall quality of life. In a service orientation context, since customer service becomes important to service organizations, employing good service employees may take a meaningful part in an organization’s success. Organizational culture is known as “normative glue” which means to hold the overall organization together. mba in digital marketing in bangalore

Various research shows that Business communication is inevitable in every working organization, for every individual employee and every individual communicating with the company. Most often, the daily conducted activities are done routinely and not a lot of attention is paid to them. Actually, they become a manifestation of a currently built organizational or personal culture. The success of the company, as a built image or its branding, is precisely the result of the built organizational culture. With this, the meaning of the organizational culture is of essential nature if we want to achieve success in the business world. With their way of communicating and their behavior, the employees succeed in winning over the clients as their coworkers. The answers undoubtedly point to confirmation of the satisfaction from the mutual cooperation both by the clients and the employees, which in turn results in recommending the companies to other potential clients so that they can use the services of particularly that company. mba it colleges in bangalore

The research also deals with the written communication of the researched companies with their clients. Through it, the existing states of written communication between the clients and the employees have been discovered. The use of the logo, the necessary information of the organization, the use of memorandums for written communication, or the use of a positive tone in the content of the letters have been identified as elements that are present in written communication. A++ Rated MBA college in Bangalore

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