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Agriculture is a massive industry that plays a vital role in maintaining the economy of the country. The contribution of India’s agriculture sector to the country’s GDP was valued at over 5.6 trillion Indian rupees. Artificial intelligence plays a vital role in boosting agriculture and farming thus helping agriculture-based economies to grow. Agriculture can take benefit from emerging technologies like AI-based Automated Robotic Systems to optimize irrigation, crop monitoring, farming, automate spraying and optimize the exercise of pesticides and herbicides. mba it colleges in bangalore

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the best technological solution to cope with the rising population and global climatic changes. According to the report given by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the world’s population will cross 9.1 billion people and need 70% more food than required today in 2050. On other hand, it will leave only 4% of the plant earth to be cultivated for sustaining life.

Artificial intelligence in agriculture helps to control pests, organize farming data, produce healthier crops, reduce workload, and many more. The major AI application in making agriculture a smart field fall into three categories, that includes: online mba colleges in bangalore

  1. Agriculture Robotics: We know that Famer has to spend a lot of time on farms to monitor the crop and check whether the crop is healthy or not, but with artificial intelligence, there is no need to spend days and nights on farms to combat pests and weeds. Countries like Israel and Canada developed Agri-bots to perform multiple tasks in farms like harvesting, controlling weeds, and spraying in the crop fields. mba in project management in bangalore

Agri-bots do work faster than humans very accurately, and with less time.Some Agri robots are designed to perform weeding in the fields and also harvesting, picking, and packing crops, some examples of Agri-bots are given below. mba colleges in bangalore list

  • Autonomous tractors
  • Agribotix
  • Roboplant
  1. Drones, Satellites, and planes: Drones and planes are used for aerial surveys and data collection on farms, which helps in analyzing the farm’s condition. The technology uses computer vision algorithms along with image annotation that favours farmers in finding the potential problem and their solution. Drones, planes, and satellites can do analyzing and data collection jobs at a much faster rate than humans. best colleges for mba correspondence in bangalore

Drone helps in giving images of the crop and makes us analyze the condition of the farm, it is also used in spraying pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer faster than humans more efficiently, and it reduces expenditure on pesticides and optimal use of pesticides, reduces excess use of harmful chemicals. good mba colleges in bangalore

  1. Smartphone Apps: Mobile apps are specially designed for farmers to analyze the collected data, record information, predict weather changes, and many more. Some apps are developed with algorithms to interpret images with information about disease-infested leaves, soil color, and leaves shape. This helps the farmer in detecting disorders in the plant and then suggests preferable cures to protect the whole crop. Some of the useful apps are given below: 
    • Plantix: grow smart
    • BharatAgri: Smart Kisaan
    • Agrostar: Kisan Agridoctor
    • NaPanta app


These new AI-based innovations have also provided a lot of employment opportunities for many people. AI has redefined traditional methods of boosting efficiency and crop production rate with advanced approaches. Smart agriculture comes with software for picking and harvesting crops, fighting weeds and pests, and also to analyze the weather and soil conditions. There is a constant increase in the need for reliable and high-quality food providers; AI is the only solution. AI has provided much agriculture automation that helps farmers monitor their crops even when not in the fields. top 10 mba colleges in bangalore

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