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Posted by Prof. Susmitha TP On 18/01/2023 06:48:49

Students should meticulously plan out their interview preparation in order to offer themselves the best opportunity of realising their dreams. By doing this, they will be fully prepared on interview day and will know exactly what to expect from the interviewer.

Students should ensure that they are familiar with the operations of the bank to which they are applying before even beginning to prepare for an investment bank interview. What business sectors do the bank operate in, particularly the bank to which they have applied How do banks operate? What is the level of competition? What place does it hold in the market? MBA College in bangalore with Business Analytics

Once the students have completed this preliminary background study, they can begin preparing for their interview with an investment bank. They need to be able to articulate clearly and thoughtfully why they want to work in investment banking, why they selected a certain industry, such as M&A or Equity Capital Markets, and why they chose that particular bank over someone else. MBA programs in Bangalore

 The student must have a thorough understanding of the investment banking industry in order to explain it in the interview in terminology that reflects the reality of the industry and to demonstrate his interest in the topic. Additionally, because the profession of investment banking is quite demanding, he will benefit greatly from having the strong motivation and a strong personality. top mba colleges in bangalore

Moreover, a job interview at an investment bank is more than just a personality test,  candidates are frequently asked "technical" questions to gauge their financial acumen, their capacity to converse about subjects with which they may not be particularly familiar, and their ability to perform under pressure. The interviewer may deliberately attempt to confuse the candidate by doing this in a more or less systematic manner. top mba colleges in bangalore

The candidate may rarely be required to do a real-world case study. Therefore, it's crucial that candidates comprehend and can speak about some fundamental financial concepts. First, candidates must be knowledgeable about and able to comprehend financial records such as the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement and understand the various components of these statements. And also understand consolidation techniques and how they affect how accounting documents are set up. online mba colleges in bangalore

Possibly basic knowledge, but still important. Additionally, more advanced financial understanding is needed. Certain terms and concepts, such as capital employed, ROCE and ROE, P/E ratio, EBITDA multiple, free cash flow, shareholder's needed rate of return, cost of capital, etc. top 10 mba colleges in bangalore

Depending on the topic you're interested in and the position you're applying for, more specific questions might be asked. Working knowledge of valuation techniques is essential for positions in the M&A department. Here, it is important to understand both the reasoning behind the approaches as well as their major components such as WACC, terminal value, the value of equity, etc. If a candidate is asked a question of this nature and doesn't know the answer, his ability to think fast, react under pressure, and his sincerity will be evaluated.

To keep up with the most recent economic news, read the economic newspaper. The interviewer needs to believe that the candidate is passionate about this subject and stay current in it. Relax on the day of the interview and try not to stress yourself out. Be yourself as best you can. mba colleges in bangalore

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