Can home-grown B-Schools be as good & successful?

Posted by Santosh Sahni On 27/10/2016 06:29:33

The thought of an MBA institute invariably begins & ends with so-called globally reputed B-Schools. It is so because they are known to produce top-notch business professionals. If we start counting MDs, CEOs and other responsible people in leading business organizations, the chances of them belonging to this special breed of B-Schools is higher. Now, are we to believe that only these B-Schools are privileged to incubate business leaders of tomorrow?

The answer is certainly yes! But, by no means would it mean that lesser-known or home-grown B-Schools cannot do so. In fact, growing number of second-rung B-Schools have quite matched the credentials of their greater brothers. This change is certainly encouraging because it evens out the management education across the platform. Moreover, it ensures the quality of MBA education across the globe. Unlike in the past, MBA aspirants can now have access to pedigree learning even within their own country. As a result, they can save the considerable amount of time & money, which they would have to spend for entering into the so-called big boys of management education. Besides, more number of students can aspire to be future business leaders. Truly, the management education is no longer the monopoly of a few B-Schools.

Of the B-Schools that have quite matched up to the benchmark, International Institute of Business Studies-IIBS is certainly a front-runner. Within a short span since inception, IIBS has spread its wings across business fraternity. Its alumni have gone to assume responsible positions in fortune companies. IIBS continues to impress with a B-School Ranking within the top-10.


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