Common Mistakes When Applying to Business School

Posted by IIBS Business School On 29/03/2017 06:12:39

Planning to apply to a Business School? Just like a well-written resume is the first step to getting a job, the way you write your application is the first step to getting admission in the B-school of your choice. Your application should stand out from the application of others. Avoid the most common mistakes made by applicants in order to increase your chances of getting accepted. Read on to know about the most common mistakes that you must avoid:

Ignoring the instructions and not answering promptly: The first thing you should do while applying for a B-School is read all the instructions and follow them. So if the application asks for a 700 word essay, then writing a long essay of more than 1000 words is not going to work. If you are not good enough to follow the instructions on the application, then why should they choose you?

Not writing an engaging essay: Essays are the best way to show off your skills and tell your story. The admissions committee will go through thousands of essays, so make sure your essay keeps the reader engaged. Write your essay in a stimulating way, make it interesting, tell them your passions and let them know what makes you better than others.

Not researching enough: When applying to B-Schools, you need to prove the admission committee that you want to join the program they are offering in order to reach your goals. So customize your application based on the school you’re applying for and let them know why you wish to join their program.

Neglecting the overall application: A lot of applicants consider the resume, essay and recommendations differently. Don’t forget that they are a part of your overall application. So make sure they have a common theme. Your recommendations should verify your achievements and your stories and skills should make sense.

Neglecting your weaknesses: This is the most common mistake made by the applicants. Applicants don’t acknowledge their weakness. So if you have a weakness, such as a low score on the entrance test or a low grade, then make sure you address it in your application and avoid ignoring it because the admissions committee will definitely see it. So it makes sense to acknowledge your weak points and talk about them. This can change the way your weakness is perceived.

Inappropriate recommendations: The recommendations you provide should be the people who you have worked with directly and would support you. So make sure to spend time choosing your recommendations. List them in your resume, talk about them in your essay and stories. These are a small yet important part of your management skills.

Now that you’re aware of 6 common mistakes, make sure you avoid them in your application!


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