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Posted by Prof. Chaitra On 12/07/2018 03:45:02

Goal setting can assist in the pursuit of the final destination. Effective goal setting entails setting long-term and short-term goals; these goals will recognize where you are going and how you are going to get there. Goal Setting / Creating a Roadmap a Session was done by Mr. Rajesh. Industry being flooded with companies has resulted in the creation of a job as well as job opportunities for aspiring students looking for a career opportunity incorporate. An educational institution to keep in pace with the industry requirements introduce various professional, technical and certification courses to equip and mould the students for employability and efficient career growth.

Students being flooded with options for pursuing higher education and related job opportunities often tend to have ambiguity in terms of their career choice, professional goals and how they can go about achieving the same. Goal Setting / creating a roadmap session mainly focused on helping the students to get the reflection of who they are and what they aspire to be in future.

Students went through some goal setting activities, which helped them in setting their vision and the prerequisites they will have to work on in order to achieve the same. Speaker gave input on how an individual is required to adopt a systematic and categorical approach by dividing their vision into short-term objective and set the roadmap to achieve the same. Session also gave insight on the development of various aspects required for goal attainment, which includes interpersonal skills, linguistic abilities, leadership skills, intellectual ability etc.

Good goal setting gives a student an edge in three areas:

  1. Goals provide direction
  2. Goals provide feedback
  3. Goals motivate; provide a daily purpose

Basic Tips for Effective Goal Setting

  • Identify both short-term and Long-term goals
  • Identify task goals in addition to outcome goals
  • Take action
  • Evaluate your goals

Effective goal setting must involve not just a road map but a strategy to keep the goals “real” on a consistent basis.


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