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Posted by Prof. Mangala Vijayakumar Reddy On 02/11/2022 15:37:14

The pandemic and consequent lockdowns during the 1st and 2nd covid waves have brought so many changes in one’s life with respect to health and wealth. There was a rise in panic buying and stockpiling scenes which led to food shortages and food insecurity with the spread of misinformation. In fact, it has spurred an interest in urban agriculture as it is seen as a way to relieve mental stress and even address localised food shortages. MBA Colleges in Bangalore List

During the lockdown, Bengaluru witnessed a surge of interest in growing food plants in home gardens. This was likely a result of not just the increase in time spent at home by the working community but also the motivation gained by having experienced how quickly the market-based system can collapse at times of crisis. And the involvement of family in growing their own food and also educating the kids to understand the importance of agriculture and make them understand how the food comes to their plates and the role of the farmer in their daily life. MBA in business analytics Bangalore

Urban agriculture is identified as one of the solutions with the potential to minimise these impacts and provide multiple benefits in addition to producing food. Urban agriculture has been recognised as a way to enhance urban sustainability by improving the environment around us and promoting material and emotional human well-being. 

The man behind the urban gardening/terrace gardening was Late. Dr. B.N. Vishwanath – also known as the father of organic urban terrace gardening in India, by whom many of us got motivated to start our own kitchen garden in the limited space we had in the house, be it the terrace, balcony or the backyard and using kitchen waste as the manure for the plants. “It is important to make sustainable communities,” he argues, “importing food is second slavery.”


Growing our own fruits and vegetables with the space available within our premises will give immense pleasure to the soul and also keeps us active. We also ensure that we grow them with natural and organic fertilizers available such as kitchen waste, coco-peat and vermi-compost. This is one of the best activity one can get involved in their free time, retirement and to come out of stress. Gardening is a nature cure for depression. The biggest constraint to growing food in urban areas is that of space. However, the idea of creating pockets of greenery within a landscape of concrete structures is not as far-fetched as it may seem. `Sky-farms’ on terraces and balcony gardens are feasible to a majority of city-dwellers living in houses that do not have ground space for gardens. MBA admission in Bangalore 2022

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