Guest Lecture on “Demonetization and Its Implication on Indian Economy” by Mrs. Malini Nagaraj

Posted by Prof. Chaitra V H On 21/01/2018 06:06:25

Guest lecture was organized on the topic of demonization for students of MBA program on 9th Dec, 2017. Mrs. Malini Nagraj was the resource person for the day; she has held key positions such as senior accounts executive and has served as DGM for BSNL. The speaker began her talk by giving a glimpse of demonetization and how it was implemented in various countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, North Korea and few other countries and what were the consequences of the same post its implementation. Mrs. Malini further discussed in detail about demonetization in India from the economic perspective, by critically evaluating its merits and demerits on banking industry, productivity and financial performance of various sector and its impact on common man in the country. Speaker emphasized on few statistical data to elucidate the possible impact and outcome of demonetization in the long run. Students were interactive during the session and clarified their doubts pertaining to demonetization being an ideal move to eradicate corruption and resolve issues relating to black money in India.


  • To provide input on the concept of demonetization and its impact from global perspective
  • To understand the impact of demonetization from the perspective of Indian economy

Name : Mrs. Malini Nagaraj

  • Worked as Senior accounts officer in public sector
  • MBA banking and finance Alagappa university (NAAC a) may 2010
  • factory administration and costing Bangalore University 1980
  • Expert in managing a team of 50 employees
  • Expert in tax laws.
  • Customer management. (Customer base of 1 Lakh subscribers)
  • Vendor Management
  • Student Motivator
  • Public Relations and corporate communications
  • Banking Law and operations
  • Interpretation of financial Statements
  • Audit (Internal, Statutory and CAG) coordinator