How to prepare for CAT 2017 - 10 tips to crack CAT exams

Posted by Santosh Sahni On 16/06/2017 02:41:01

It’s an old fact to believe that most common fear while writing your CAT Exam 2017 is managing stress. For all the CAT exam aspirants, here are few stress free tips for controlling those butterflies and sleepless nights while preparing for your CAT Exam.

10 tips to manage stress this CAT exam!

  1. The anxiety begins from the unknown question of “what if” floats around your head while you prepare for your CAT EXAM. The more you read and gain knowledge, the less “what ifs”. Know the format of the CAT EXAM inside out. Be well adverse with all the formulas and most importantly solve sample papers as much as you can to fight off those jitters.
  2. Surely, you must have taken number of mock tests before you actually appear for your CAT EXAM. Keep revising the basic and most common formulas.
  3. Figure out the test centers well in advance and always choose to wear light and comfortable clothing, so that your focus is only on the CAT exam and nothing else.
  4. Close your eyes for a while and dream for an exciting future ahead. In the days leading to CAT, relax as much as you can to have a peaceful mind.
  5. Do some practice problems every day to manage your time and collect good study materials for your CAT EXAM to score well.
  6. Explore the internet for sample papers and take trial tests. This will make you aware of where do you actually stand.
  7. Always have full sound sleep of 8-9 hours daily before you head to your CAT EXAM. A clear and relaxed mind will have clear thoughts.
  8. Always have a plan post your CAT EXAM.
  9. It’s very obvious that you might get stuck in the middle of the CAT EXAM, don’t panic and keep on moving to easier sections. You can always come back to your weaker areas later.
  10. If you don’t get through in your first attempt of the CAT Exam, don’t be disappointed and start fresh. Be confident and look for other options.

 We hope the above points will guide you to write a tension free CAT! All the best!

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