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Posted by Prof. Arun Kumar UM On 12/05/2023 08:01:15

In the discipline of human resources analytics, analysis of employee data and application of analytical methods within HR are key topics.

The gathering and analysis of personnel data for a corporation in order to enhance performance and business outcomes.

This enables the company to assess the influence of a group of human resource KPIs, including the time to hire or retention rate, on the business goals.

People Analytics: A more general notion, people analytics might include people outside the company, such clients. However, the HR industry makes extensive use of it.

Workforce analytics: this phrase refers to every employee (permanent, temporary, freelance, consultants, etc.) inside a business.

Enhance employee retention: Analysing specific indicators and getting a better understanding of employee sentiment through staff satisfaction surveys can reveal a wealth of information about the reasons why employees choose to leave a company on their own.

This will enable us to try and lower the leaving rate of employees by putting in place certain preventative measures.

Boost employee output: With the use of data, team leaders and the HR division can determine what drives employees and what prevents them from achieving their potential. To identify patterns and create an improvement strategy, one must go beyond the performance assessment.

A thorough data analysis can show whether the advantages the company is providing translate into greater performance or increased retention, which can help build better remuneration and incentive programmes. They can even inform us, for instance, if salary hikes benefit some groups more than others (which might help the organisation save a lot of money).

Human resources (HR) possess significant employee information that can be leveraged to bring changes within the company.

In the world of business, a lot of attention has been directed towards mirroring the customer experience in the employee experience. The rationale is that by analysing customer behaviour and attitudes, one can develop a scientific approach to optimize sales. The same data that is applicable to this approach can also be employed in enhancing employee performance, improving the employee experience, and ultimately increasing business productivity.

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