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Posted by Prof. Susmitha TP On 20/12/2022 09:07:07

"IAA MEET 2022," a programme to streamline, integrate, and coordinate alumni activities at IIBS, was organized by the Alumni Association of IIBS. On December 17, 2022, the event took place at the Lalit Ashok Hotel in Bangalore. The purpose of the alumni meeting was to reunite the alumni and celebrate their diverse successes. By 5:00 p.m., the Alumni began to arrive at the venue. The registration team welcomed them and instructed them to complete the registration form. The Alumni were given a welcome gift when they registered.

The lamp-lighting ceremony led to the start of the Official Meet at 6.30 p.m. Mr. Dandu Vamsi Krishnam Raju, president of the alumni association, then gave a welcome speech. Dr. Jay Prakash, Hon. Chairman, Dr. K. Ramadas, Former director of IIBS, and Master Akshit Kennedia, the youngest motivational speaker in the world, graced the occasion. mba admission 2023 in bangalore

Dr. Jay Prakash gave a speech outlining the purpose of organizing this alumni reunion. He said the present group of students look up to the prior students of the institute as a role models. These contacts are incredibly beneficial for spreading knowledge. Alumni and their alma mater share a close professional relationship. He also explained IIBS's vision for the following three years. Any alumni association's true magic is its ability to traverse the recollections that will undoubtedly make each alumnus smile. Each alumnus is eager to relive the moments, indulge in nostalgia, and, of course, network with other alumni. In order to do this, IIBS developed the "IAA APP" mobile application, which is exclusively available to IIBS Alumni. During the program, Dr. Jay Prakash formally launched the APP. Prof. Sibanand Das helped with the briefing and sign-up of all the Alumni for the App. mba in business analytics bangalore

The moment has arrived for the Chief Guest, Dr. K. Ramadas, to speak. At the very beginning of IIBS, in June 2008, Dr. K. Ramadas,  Former director, began to contribute to the IIBS. He has established himself as a competent administrator and academic leader. He expressed his joy at finally meeting old students in person. In his remarks, Master Akshit Kennedia urged everyone to maintain lofty goals and put up the necessary work to achieve them. Furthermore, it was emphasized that upgrading the goal and task is just as crucial as setting it. mba finance in bangalore

The students heard inspirational speeches from Prof. NSR Murthy, Registrar, and Prof. Kuldeep Sharma, Director. Many Alumni were speaking about their experiences and thoughts. They talked about their wonderful college days. Additionally, they urged and asked for this type of alumni meet to be held annually without fail. As a result of everyone's participation and the exchange of ideas that resulted, a lot of fresh concepts, details, and insights were generated. mba in business analytics in bangalore

Alumni interacted with the present students and provided inspiring talks on getting ready for further education and employment. The 2021 and 2022 batch students had a lot of questions about placements, and the alumni gave their opinions. A few cultural events were scheduled in tandem with this interaction. Then we had a delicious dinner. mba institutes in bangalore

Ms. Rubina Shaik, vice president of the IAA, gave a vote of thanks at the conclusion of the ceremony. She expressed her gratitude to the many organizers and the IIBS management for their assistance and direction in making IAA Meet 2022 a great success. At the end of the evening, everyone was missing their college days and had a wonderful memory to take home with them.

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