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Posted by Prof. Susmitha TP On 03/10/2022 08:14:46

A day set aside to honour the variety of cultures and ethnicities is known as ethnic day. It gives the younger generation a chance to rediscover their love and respect for their own heritage. It was an effort to create an expression of diversity that holds together the many different perspectives, ways of life, and traditions to reflect the ethnic diversity of our nation. MBA institutes in Bangalore

On October 1, 2022, and Ethnic Day called IIBS-ETHNOS '22 was organised by the Fine Arts Club, IIBS-Cultural Fiesta. Cultural Extravaganza served as the event's theme. All of the faculty and staff wore ethnic clothing. The day was joyfully witnessed, and the entire campus was infused with an ethnic ambiance. Along with Dr. Rajasulochana, Principal MBA, and Dr. Samiya Mubeen, Principal PGDM, Prof. Kuldeep Sharma, Academic Director, Mr. Maheshwar Reddy, Executive Director, and Prof. NSR Murthy, Registrar of IIBS, officially inaugurated the programme. MBA business analytics Bangalore

The event served as an expression of the talent and creativity of IIBS students. Several cultural performances were scheduled to take the stage following the inauguration ceremony. There were numerous musical and dance performances. To enhance its appeal, an ethnic Ramp walk was held. The Mr. & Mrs. ETHNIC competition was the event's main attraction. The 5 hours that it took to complete the event.

Overall, all of the students found this celebration to be very joyous, ethnic, and memorable. The IIBS faculty, staff, and students had a happy and colorful day celebrating the diversity and unity of our motherland INDIA. MBA colleges in Bangalore

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