IIBS faculty and its role in building future managers

On 21/09/2021 12:07:37

When we construct buildings, we take the best foundation stone. When we are building the future of our country, we take the best human resource. For building these human resources, we have institutions like IIBS with the best faculty. Yes, the faculty is the base and foundation of a strong institution and at IIBS, they mean business.

The professors and lecturers at IIBS is a combination of legacy, enriched knowledge, and unmatchable experience. They thrive for polishing each and every student with a finesse individual to them. By recognizing sole abilities and capabilities, they nurture students in a progressive and learning environment in order to make them corporate ready. Their teaching methodologies are demonstrative which enables faster and realistic learning. This fosters the managerial ability in them and sets them for the future.

The differentiating factor is the rich industrial and corporate expertise that the faculty gets to the classrooms. They are all example-based and case-study based learning methods which make the whole process fun, interesting and at the same time challenging. Students work-up a lot, explore options, derive solutions and build strategies. They succeed and they fail. But at the end it’s all worthy when they learn, gain and deliver well.

With a faculty like at IIBS, we are sure to have exemplary managers ready to build the future and take it to the next level. Kudos millennials!


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