Importance Of Agro-informatics | ABM Colleges in Bangalore

Posted by Prof. Mangala V Reddy On 18/05/2023 09:56:31

Agro-informatics is the science of agricultural information processing and information systems. It is all about applying breakthrough ideas, scientific techniques and knowledge of computer science in agriculture. Also referred to as e-agriculture, Agro-informatics provides better technology dissemination, information delivery and agricultural services to make agriculture more efficient. 

Agro-Informatics connects information technology with the management, analysis and application of agricultural data to design more accurate and targeted agricultural interventions. The use of new technologies and techniques in agriculture, such as satellite imagery, remote sensing, and geographic information systems, enable the transformation of data into actionable information. Geospatial technologies and agricultural data represent an opportunity to find new ways of reducing hunger and poverty through more accessible and integrated data-driven solutions.

Agriculture is one of the main concerns of India and it is also vital for its development. Agro-informatics would not only create more employment on the field- at the back end but also help farmers. Because there are millions of farmers with meagre holdings who are still not aware of modern methods of cultivation and data can help them. In this way, Agro-informatics can also help them in simplifying and mitigating challenges like that of drought, disease, heat, cold, insect, pest infestations through data extrapolation and predictions.

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