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Posted by Prof. Susmita.TP On 12/09/2022 09:21:46

One thing that unites us all is our shared cultural heritage. It is a society's collective understanding of art and values. It is something that one can only learn through experience. The IIBS Fine Arts Club, "IIBS Cultural Fiesta," was founded with the intention of fostering talent on campus. Being one of the college's largest clubs, the Cultural Club has brought together a variety of different beings, values, and ethics under one roof. top b schools in Bangalore for MBA

By giving each student the opportunity to perform onstage or offstage through its activities, the club, with the slogan "We Provoke," does in fact bring out the hidden talent in students. The club fosters student teamwork, which gives them real-world experience for their future in management. As all festivals bring joy and happiness, the club also offers students the chance to celebrate Festivals like Diwali and Holi, etc. so that the festival can be enjoyed and remembered by the students. The main objectives of the club are; the best MBA courses in Bangalore.

  • To inspire students to participate in various activities.
  • To support the students in strengthening their leadership skills.
  • To strengthen the ability to use imagination for entertainment.
  • To strengthen the student's mental health to enhance their academic performance.

With these goals in mind, the Club, IIBS Cultural Fiesta 2022–23's Inaugural Ceremony was held on campus on September 3, 2022, in the esteemed presence of Prof. Kuldeep Sharma, Academic Director, Mr. Maheshwar Reddy, Executive Director, and Prof. NSR Murthy, Registrar. The dignitaries unveiled the club's name and logo and gave the first copy of the brochure and its 2022 goals to Dr. Rajasulochana, principal of the MBA programme, and Dr. Samiya Mubeen, principal of the PGDM programme. The Academic Director, Prof. Kuldeep Sharma, then addressed the club members, emphasizing the need for cooperation in order for the club to function effectively. Additionally, the club's executive members' names were formally declared. MBA in business analytics in Bangalore

Following the official opening, students performed a wonderful cultural programme in the form of dance, catchy songs, etc. Club coordinators and members properly planned and carried out the programme. Top Ranked MBA college in Bangalore

'spark your creativity and bring out the artist hidden in you.

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