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Posted by Anil Kumar R On 10/12/2021 11:34:03

Organizer/Coordinator: Prof.Anilkumar. R 

Purpose of Industrial Visit 

1) To interact the students with actual industry personals.

2) To make them aware of the industrial procedures required to enter any company. 

3) To experience the working environment in the industry and visualize all the important  Departments in the Industry.

4) Interaction of students with the people of all important departments.

5) To prepare the students for the selection of career paths in different departments of industry. 

Industry Profile 

The Krishi Mela 2020, organised by the University of Agricultural Sciences-Bangalore (UAS B), began on Wednesday. This year 2021, in view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mela is low-key with a limited number of industries and organisations participating. Best MBA courses in Bangalore

IIBS students visited stalls of Industries representing agro-technology, heavy and light equipment and machinery, seeds, fertilizers and many more.  

M. Byre Gowda of the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS) said 17 new agricultural technologies and three new varieties of crops, including groundnut, had been released this year for the benefit of farmers. 

Demonstrations and information about the new agricultural technologies and three new varieties of crops were made during the Mela.

Inaugurating the Mela, A.K. Singh, Deputy Director General (Agricultural Extension)  Division, (Extension) Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). “The Government of  India and the ICAR have developed State-specific documents as to what has to be done in each  State and how agriculture universities and ICAR institutes and farmers should work together so that the technologies that are required for doubling farmers’ income could directly go to the farmers. 

“ICAR has recently developed around 70 bio-fortified varieties which have micronutrients.  Hence, there is great scope for bio-fortified research and practice in the country. 

Ground Report: 

Students left the college at 9.30 am to the UAS campus and reached by 10 am. Spent almost 4 hours visiting stalls, interacting with Industry Executives, Leaders and experts of Agro-Industry and were surprised to witness innovative products, patented technologies and spent time with Agro  Entrepreneurs. 

Returned to a college campus at 2.30 pm and later students shared feedback which is recorded at the end of this report.


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