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Posted by Sushmita S On 11/03/2022 11:29:26

On March 8, 2022, MBA students of IIBS prepared a unique programme to mark International Women's Day. The event's guest of honour was Prof.Kuldeep Sharma, Director. On Women's Day, he gave a short address. He advised women to achieve new heights in all areas of their lives. He praised modern women for succeeding in equal measure with males and competing with men in all fields. Students organised a situation analysis, quiz, and debate competition for all students on this particular day.

Quiz competitions are always entertaining and educational, generating excitement among students. The primary goal of this quiz was to familiarise pupils with recent general knowledge about women's empowerment. Women's empowerment entails granting women the same status as men and granting them the ability to make their own decisions. In truth, there should be equal rights and laws for all, regardless of gender. In the first two rounds, students prepared questions on some of India's government programmes aimed at women's empowerment, while the last round focused on current events.

"Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow" was the debate's theme. There were six contestants in each of the five teams. Within the time limit, each team had to talk for or against the chosen issue. As the competition began, we could tell that the competitors were thoroughly prepared and eager to win.

They also did a situation analysis task that included conflict resolution, corporate behaviour, and spontaneous derivations. Decisions that have been thoroughly considered are preferable. This is when a situation assessment comes in handy. A Situation Analysis can be done at any time, but it's especially important before implementing a new process or starting a project. It assists you in determining the optimal course of action and moving forward without wasting time or effort by repeating mistakes.

It was a great event organised by MBA students, and at the conclusion of the session, prizes were presented to the participants who excelled in the competition.

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