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Posted by Prof. Susmitha TP On 03/03/2023 10:10:55

In terms of a student's general development, sports are of utmost importance. A sound body is a home to a sound mind. In order to achieve new heights in every area of life, students must have balanced physical growth, which will guarantee solid mental development.

The Intra-College Cricket Tournament was held on February 25th on Campus by IIBS, keeping up with its legacy of ensuring the all-around and holistic development of its students. The event was attended by a large crowd of students who were bursting with zeal and a desire to succeed. mba colleges in bangalore list

The goal of the event was to instill in the students the virtues of unity and teamwork as well as the understanding that, whether in the workplace, on the cricket field, or in everyday life, a well-coordinated effort may produce amazing outcomes. IIBS-SPORTIFF, the  Sports Club organized the event. online mba colleges in bangalore

They initiated the proceedings and the Academic Director Dr. Bhakar Reddy opened the tournament. Six teams competed in the quarterfinals on Day 1, which was followed by the semi-final and final game on Day 2. The winning team, PGDM 2022 batch competed in the tournament against the senior students in the finals. The event was coordinated by Mr. Ramadu, the physical trainer along with members of the sports club. top ten mba colleges in bangalore

For their great efforts, all of the winners received accolades. Cricket is a team sport in which players encourage one another to excel at levels above their own potential. This idea served as the event's climax, with both the students and the management committing to return the next year with even greater zeal. list of mba colleges in bangalore with contact details

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