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Tourism is termed an instrument for employment generation, poverty alleviation, and sustainable human development. Besides, tourism also promotes national integration, and international understanding and supports local handicrafts and cultural activities. To promote domestic tourism, thrust areas identified by the Government of India are the development of infrastructure, product development, and diversification, development of eco-adventure sports, cultural presentations, providing inexpensive accommodation, streamlining facilitation procedures at airports, human resource development, creating awareness and public participation and facilitation of private sector participation. mba colleges in bangalore list

Agri-tourism is the latest concept in the Indian tourism industry, which normally occurs on farms. It gives the opportunity to experience real enchanting and authentic contact with rural life, taste local genuine food and get familiar with the various farming tasks during the visit. It provides a welcome escape from the daily hectic life in the peaceful rural environment. It gives a chance to relax and revitalize in a purely natural environment, surrounded by a magnificent setting. mba in project management in bangalore

Agro Tourism is when a native person or local of the area offers tours to their agriculture farm to allow a person to view them growing, harvesting, and processing locally grown foods, such as coconuts, pineapple, sugar cane, corn, or any produce the person would not encounter in their home country. Often the farmers would provide a homestay opportunity and education. online mba colleges in bangalore 

Scope for Agri-Tourism:

  • An inexpensive gateway
  • Curiosity about the farming industry and lifestyle
  • Strong demand for wholesome family-oriented recreational activities
  • Health consciousness
  • A desire for peace and tranquility
  • Interest in the natural environment
  • Disillusionment with overcrowded resorts and cities
  • Nostalgia for their roots on the farm
  • Rural recreation
  • The educational value of Agri-Tourism

Basic Principles of Agri – Tourism

Agri - Tourism should ensure the following three basic principles. mba it colleges in bangalore

1) Have something for visitors to see - Animals, birds, farms and nature are a few things that Agri-Tourism could offer to the tourist. Apart from these, culture, dress, festivals, and rural games could create enough interest among visitors in Agri-Tourism.

2) Have something for visitors to do - Participating in agricultural operations, swimming, bullock cart riding, camel riding, buffalo riding, cooking, and participating in the rural games are a few activities to quote in which tourists can take part and enjoy.

3) Have something for visitors to buy - Rural crafts, dress materials, farm gate fresh agriculture products, and processed foods are the few items that tourists can buy as mementos for remembrance. mba colleges in bangalore list

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