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Posted by Prof. Divyasri T On 14/09/2021 07:35:48

These individuals should know that looking forward, fall 2021 should be an excellent time to pursue graduate business degrees. Graduates and career afresh professionals are having a constant question in minds if taking up MBA would be really good or bad in the wake of COVID 2021 year.

With vaccines still evolving, the decrease of Covid positivity and the slowly recovering economy challenge us to take the leap, that decision for life to self invest and progress.  So is this the right time to join a business school? 

So I, Assistant Professor of Soft skills and Corporate Communications, IIBS Bengaluru, spoke with Education experts and explored further.

  1. The impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been immense but positively challenging for the MBA sector and has paved way for Enhanced Flexible Learning Experiences at the top B- Schools. Those who could adapt and prep up to this mutually beneficial model of Business Studies have only survived and surprisingly thrived too!
  2. Coming to topics like Industry- Education Gap,  Federico Frattini, Dean of MIP Politecnico di Milano says: “Closing these skills gaps and enhancing your career prospects is incredibly important, especially in the current context, which is why doing an MBA is so useful as it gives you the tools to succeed in fast-paced, digital, and developing business sectors.” So it is inevitable to upgrade with MBA to even survive this deep pandemic crisis to face the challenging economic crunch of every sector.
  3. This pandemic time postgraduates are the perfect products industry also wants. Those who start an MBA in 2021 will mostly be graduating when the market is predicted to be in the recovery phase of the economy. Hence, it is but now that the best chance to fortify your CV with an MBA, understand how the world of jobs will look like post- Covid, and mold into one of the most resilient and equipped graduates in the new work environment.
  4. It is also obvious of the rampant attrition of corporate professionals at this crisis has lead to newer openings for only skilled campus fresh MBA postgraduates who are dynamic. 
  5. When a conducive environment of Evolved B- schools with streamlined placement processes and flexible payment options given by Bangalore's Best B- schools,  what would possibly stop MBA Aspirants procrastinate i.e. delay?

Without any further ado, the best thing to do in this Covid 2021 will be enrolling for MBA as a self-investment to the clearly better future as businesses will evolve into pandemic ready ones.

Admissions 2021 processes of top B-schools have already started and now is the golden moment to make history by continuing the legacy of MBA. So what’s stopping you? Upskill yourself with life’s most important decision of doing an MBA!

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