Management Development Program at Pyramid Valley Meditation Centre for IIBS Team

Posted by Asst.Prof.Rubina Chettri On 28/08/2019 16:40:14

The goal of meditation is not to control your thoughts, it is to stop letting them control you. Meditation is taught free of cost to all visitors. Multi-day residential workshops on meditation and spiritual science are regularly conducted in this campus. Silence speaks a lot, In today’s corporate world we have time for everything, time to work, time to learn and even time for others but the question is do we have time for ourselves?” We might say yes but somewhere deep inside we know that answer is no. This spiritual trip was to help every individual to learn to give time to oneself or do nothing and concentrate on our breath.

The trip to pyramid valley was an awesome experience with a peaceful, calm and pleasant atmosphere. First, we experienced the power of meditation at Kabir Valley where we experienced  the first glimpse about meditation and the pyramid valley. Which lead us to another cosmic  followed by Nithya Annadhan where food is freely provided to about 15000 individual every month and which  taste  good and delicious as home food.

After that, we were taken to the most important place of the spiritual centre the Pyramid, where every individual experienced a different form of energy within themselves. We meditated for nearly 20 minutes and went to Kings Chamber - another supreme level of meditation where everyone experienced the complete power of the cosmic world. In the world full of rush and hunt for money we found the real-life giving the source in form of meditation at Kings Chamber. We also went to Med-Lab where we shared our meditation experiences. Med-Lab is a place where it examines every part of the body and finds a cure to it through Meditation. It taught us that Though the equipment to cure is there in LAB, the only physician to cure oneof the desires is within Oneself. If you can control your emotions and thoughts you can cure yourself.

This is completely a spiritual experience irrespective of religion, where you find yourself asking, Who you are? Where you are? And what you are?

Where silence is the hard thing to follow and but gives the best possible outcome for every problem, this meditation can completely change you from a programme being to a complete human being. As because every soul need spiritual food which can only be fed through meditation.

Your mind is a powerful thing. When you filter it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change. - Gautam Buddha


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