Maximize Your Chance to Get into IIBS Business School, Bangalore

Posted by IIBS Business School On 31/01/2018 01:39:35

MY CHANCE OF GETTING INTO IIBS Business School Bangalore

Scoring well in your CAT EXAM is an opening for your future to secure a spot at IIBS. If you are planning to apply at IIBS Business School and have a head start to your 2 years MBA career, then, there are few steps that you can take that will pay off big way down the road of IIBS Business School. More over if you have a good GMAT score or any work experience, it will be an add on for you stand good chance of getting yourself into IIBS Business School.

Here are few tips of brightening your chance of getting into IIBS Business School:

  • At IIBS Business School, we aim to train future leaders and wish to see applicants who can do great work and involve themselves socially and academically. Now is the time to deepen and establish your leadership qualities and shine yourself at IIBS Business School.
  • If you have unsatisfactory scores in your GMAT or GPA, you should take action and improve your over all percentile and enhance your skill set to get you an admission into IIBS Business School.
  • If you are approaching for a GD round, volunteer for the cross functional topic where you can be a leader as well as a follower and allow the interviewer to know that you are interested in developing your own skills and looking for an opportunity to get into IIBS Business School.
  • Many MBA aspirants tend to forget the basic rule of reading. Good readers lead to good resources and it will enhance your vocabulary skills. This will transform your confidence to get into IIBS Business School.
  • If you have learnt or known any foreign language, it can be add on advantage to you to get into IIBS business school.
  • Taking up online short term certification courses can enhance your MBA profile and your additional knowledge can get you admission in IIBS Business School.
  • Writing a blog can polish your skills as it will give you a flare and credible proof of your communication while the admission process at IIBS Business School.
  • There are several online IIBS Business School alumni groups on the social networking sites. You can always get their views and opinion which will give you a better understanding of IIBS business school and its admission process.
  • Know the basic fundamentals of finance, if you do not have a management background. A sound knowledge of concepts like capital budgeting, capital structure, risk and returns is important for you to get into IIBS Business School.
  • Having good hobbies like sports, music, travel can reveal your creative side and you could become a part of different groups at IIBS Business School where you can interact with students of similar passion.

Being confidence and having set a right path can bright up your MBA career at IIBS Business School.


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