MBA Entrance Exams Preparation Tips for Working Professionals

Posted by Santosh Sahni On 23/03/2017 03:34:16

Preparing for your MBA Entrance test while working on a demanding job? You don’t need to quit your job to prepare for the test. Consider the below tips and you can rock that test!

Make a realistic study plan: The most essential thing and the first thing that you should do are set a realistic study plan. You should be able to study all the topics and yet have enough time for work and other day to day activities.  So make your long term and short term study goals and stick to them.

Study before you go to work if you can: Your mind will be fresh and you will be able to make the most of your time, even if you have set aside very little time in a day. An hour in the morning will definitely be much better than spending hours in the evening or night when your mind is full of the day’s happenings. You also tend to look for excuses to postpone studying to the next day. Studying before you go to work will also ensure that your test prep is not put off until the end of the day.  So wake up a little early each day and set aside some time for studying in the mornings.

Set aside more time on weekends: You may be able to spend an hour each day on weekdays to study. But that’s not going to be enough. Try to make the most out of your weekends and set aside at least 10 hours to study on weekends. A lot of people prefer to study only on weekdays or only on weekends. Avoid doing this and try studying every day as this will keep you involved in the test prep and you will be able to focus more. Set aside 5-6 days to study and one day to solve test papers.

Take some time off from work: If you feel the need to spend more time to focus on your studies, then take some time off work and study. You should do this especially a week before the test to brush up on all the topics and be completely prepared. MBA is going to help you progress in your career in the future, so do what you can and give the entrance test your best shot.

Find a study partner if you can: If a co-worker or a friend is also preparing for the test, then you could both set aside some time to help each other study difficult topic. Studying with a partner can keep you motivated.


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