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Posted by Prof. Deepika M Rajpal On 06/11/2018 07:26:27

Diwali brings unwatchable excitement and celebratory spirit. Though Diwali is actually a festival of lights, in the past few years it has become a festival much of crackers and less of lights.

Diwali a festival of lights, lamps, sweets, joy, laughter and happiness. It is a Festival of victory against the Demons, brightness against the dark nights, sweetness against the sorrow and Peace against crackers. It is a festival of lights, not of fumes and firecrackers. Unfortunately, improper handling and playing with fireworks, mar the celebrations every year. Just to celebrate happiness, we burn thousand & crores of rupees that brings devastating results as sound and air pollution.

Here are our MBA Students of International Institution of Business Studies (IIBS) RT Nagar campus with the guidance’s of Professor Deepika M Rajpal, are on a mission to spread the awareness of Celebrating the happiness of Diwali in a safe and eco-friendly manner.  Students walk through the streets of RT Nagar and spread the word of celebrating the happiness of Diwali in a safe and eco-friendly manner to the people on the streets.

The Chemicals Used In Crackers Affect Our Health:

  • Copper: Irritates the respiratory tract.
  • Cadmium: Leads to anemia by reducing the capacity of blood to carry oxygen.
  • Zinc: Can cause metal fume fever and induces vomiting.
  • Lead: Harms the nervous system.
  • Magnesium: Metal fume fever is caused by Magnesium fumes.
  • Sodium: It is a highly reactive element and caused burns when it is combined with moisture.

A Result Of Firing Crackers

  • Poisonous to the lungs
  • Causes Eardrum injuries
  • Congestion of throat and chest
  • Affect the respiratory tract,
  • Fire crackers can affect people with disorders related to heart, respiratory and nervous system
  • Firing crackers can lead to miscarriage. Hence, pregnant women are advised to stay at home when crackers firing is at peak.

So, instead of firing crackers, let us celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali with lights to save our environment and health as well.

Let the word spread around and Let the Excitement and Celebratory spirit of Diwali bring in unmatchable Happiness and prosperity. Wishing each and everyone a “Happy Diwali“


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