Mock Fire Drill at IIBS by Karnataka State Fire & Emergency Services Department

Posted by Ms. Debasmita Das On 14/08/2018 01:59:46

MDP workshop  on Disaster Prevention & Emergency Management with mock Fire Drill at IIBS by Karnataka State Fire & Emergency Services Department

IIBS organised in association with Karnataka State Fire & Emergency Services; Civil Defence Corps,  ROTARY Yelahanka, ROTARY Heritage-NCC and our IIBS Rotaract a civil safety workshop, on Disaster Prevention & Emergency Management on 1st August 2018 at IIBS Bangalore Airport Campus. The Management Development Program (MDP) workshop was organized by Prof. Dr. A Prakash, coordinated by Prof. Rubina Chettri & IIBS Rotaract.

The workshop speakers focused on whenever need arises, to be prepared and cautious for the calamities that might occur, and there’s no way in which we can predict accurately how and to what extent these factors might harm us, everything needs to be set in minds, and put to action, as there is a need for being cautious till the very end. The need to be cautious is an important factor.

Dr. T. Jaggaiah, Principal-UG, IIBS, briefed about, what to expect and why to expect from the program. The needs to understand the working of the probable steps is important. The fire drill to be demonstrated during the workshop and there’s a need to understand their importance of the taking proper actions.

Dr. P.R.S. Chetan, Officer Commanding, Civil Defence Corps, made a presentation on Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management, explained in detail to concentrate on what we have, Beethoven proved it doesn’t matter what you have, the need is to work with what we have and make it worth it. The speaker had managed over 1000 disaster management activities. Honoured with chief minister’s award, and several other rewards.

The disaster and threat management, the importance of a business continuity plan, and evacuation and safety plans need to devised.
The importance of youth participation in nation building, and India’s advantage of having a maximum number of people below 29 age group.
The preparation needs to be revised and spontaneous. The actions define the preparedness and thus, survival depends on it.  The talk about various threats, disasters, and risks was addressed. The threat assessment remains a major not talked about the area. The vulnerability to disasters makes India a theatre of the calamities. To erase confusions, and come out of the dilemma, and perform strategically is the main objective of the workshop.

Mr. K.L. Kishore, District Fire Officer, Karnataka State Fire & Emergency Services, Yelahanka; spoke about the incident of February 2010, happened at commercial, multi-office building - The Carlon towers, Bangalore: the fire affected numerous people.
The need to understand the composition of smoke lay important, as there is a need to take measures to ensure we leave the building as fast as possible while taking the necessary steps. The toxic gases remain the cause of deaths in maximum fire disasters. The need for applying the basic rules like switching off the lights and electrical appliances can reduce the proximity of the disaster. The LPG cylinders need to be managed and handled with care. In case, of LPG leakage there needs to react and keep the ventilation of the room perfect, so the risk of suffocating to death is minimised.

The fire drill by Mr. K.L. Kishore, District Fire Officer and the team of Karnataka State Fire & Emergency Services:

The fire drill by Mr. K.L. Kishore, District Fire Officer and the team of Karnataka State Fire & Emergency Services, Yelahanka actually demonstrated, the power of hose and water. The audience was able to know about the ways and methods to prevent the calamities, and also to remarkably act while in an unnerving situation.

By the end of the program, everyone who was present during the session was pretty much well informed, about how to deal with the disasters, and to take preventative measures. The session ended with the felicitation of the dignitaries.


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