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Posted by Prof. Susmitha TP On 04/10/2022 08:20:40

IIBS Cultural Fiesta, the Fine Arts Club, celebrated Navratri on campus in accordance with Indian custom. The celebration began with prayers to the goddess Navdurga, followed by the Garba dance. The event was well attended by the faculty, staff, and enthusiastic students dressed traditionally. Everyone who took part enjoyed the energetic Garba dancing style.

Nine nights of dancing are dedicated to Navratri as an act of worship and devotion. Gujarat's indigenous folk dance style is called Garba. In Western India, it is the main dance performed during Navratri evenings. Hindus witness Navratri, which is observed for a variety of reasons and observed in different ways across the Indian subcontinent. At IIBS, the Garba dance was celebrated on this occasion with a lot of vigor. best MBA colleges in Bangalore

The circle, which is used in the performance of Garba, represents the Hindu concept of time. Hinduism holds that time is cyclical. The Goddess, an unchanging symbol in the midst of all this unending and boundless movement, is the only thing that endures through time—from birth to life to death to rebirth. God, who is portrayed in the dance as a woman, is shown to be the only constant in a universe that is constantly changing. MBA in digital marketing in Bangalore

The event was open to all of the faculty, staff, and students. To the sounds of Garba, students were seen dancing and having fun out front. Students were all dressed in traditional Garba outfits, aside from the upbeat music. Everyone enjoyed some delicious food after the event. The occasion served as a superb illustration of students being disciplined while fully embracing and celebrating tradition. MBA business analytics Bangalore

The enthusiasm for dancing to the Garba songs along with the positivity and energy emanating from the vibrant costumes made the entire day extremely successful and fruitful.

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