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Posted by Dr. Samiya Mubeen On 12/03/2022 11:06:57

Pesquisa refers to a close and careful study to find out (new) facts or information. It also means a test of public opinion by asking people questions, and asking questions is the only way to learn, no matter how big or small the question is, whether it is silly or not, it helps us learn.


Here at IIBS, with the leadership of Kuldeep Sharma sir (Academic Director) and Maheshwar Reddy sir (Admissions Director), Principal Dr. Samiya mam, and other faculty members. We organized an event comprising a total of 3 events. On day one, i.e., 11th March 2022, the events conducted were Ingenium and Start-up’s Portal.


Ingenium tested the knowledge of the participant's brands, and challenged them in 4 rounds, i.e., in the form of a quiz, a dumb charade round, a logo making and marketing round, and a situational round that allowed them to create advertisements based on their perception of the situation. The event was judged by Prof. J Kavya ma’am and coordinated by Anjali, Venkat, And Imran.


Start-up’s portal The event witnessed the marketing skills and the innovations brought forward by the students who hope to be future entrepreneurs.  The event was judged by Prof. NSR Murthy Sir, Dr. Samiya Mubeen Ma’am Principal, and Prof. Sushmita ma’am; and coordinated by Vijay Raju, Unnati, and Tarun.

The events were a delightful success with the help of the students who participated. 


The winners for Ingenium were 5 champions -Manoj, Mamatha, Kavya, Tanmay, and Jayaprakash whereas the runner-ups were Fast-5 - Bala Subramanian, Rohit Tanti, Samir Chetry, Anil Naik, and Anand Krishnan R.

The winner for Start-up’s Portal was Pavan Teja Reddy from PGDM and the runner-up was Sheik Huzaifa from MBA.


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