PESQUISA 2K22 DAY 2 | AICTE approved MBA college in Bangalore

Posted by Dr. Samiya Mubeen On 17/03/2022 11:39:12

After conducting the successful marketing event INGENIUM and Start-Up Portal on the previous day everyone was filled with enthusiasm and zeal for the upcoming event which was a research seminar held in seminar hall 1. All the faculty members were present over there to encourage the participants. The research seminar's inauguration speech was given by Mr. Venkat Kumar. The jury for the event was Dr. Samiya Mubeen, Prof Sushmita, Prof Narappa Reddy, and Prof Kavya. AICTE Approved MBA college in Bangalore


The event was very knowledgeable as participants came up with very insightful research topics like Ai in agriculture, AL development in agriculture, Xenotransplantation, Al in the gaming industry as the base topic for research was artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

After all the participants gave their seminar on their topics it's time for the prize distribution for all the events. The winners for Ingenium were 5-champions and the runners were Fast-5 and the certificate and trophy were given by our Executive Director Maheshwar Reddy sir. Start-up portal the winner was C. Pavan Teja Reddy and the runner was Huzaifa and the certificate our director academic Prof  Kuldeep Sharma sir gave the trophy to the winning students. Research best paper for student seminar, NSR Murthy sir gave trophy and certificate to the winner Guru Kalyani and runner Navadheer. All the participants got their certificates from Prof Sushmita, Prof Narappa Reddy, and Prof Kavya ma'am.


And last but not least the coordinators, without them the event was not possible as they worked very hard to get the things done. All the coordinators Mr. Venkat Kumar, V. Vijaya Raju, Imran Sheik, Unnati Singh, Mamatha, Tarun Saini, and Anjali Karwa all got their certificates from Dr. Samiya Mubeen, Principal –PGDM  and this is how the 2 days event came to an end with great success with lots of intellectual research knowledge exchange and cheerful vibes among the students and department.


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