The Impact of Emerging Technologies on MBA Curriculum in India | MBA IT Colleges in Bangalore

Posted by Dr. Rajasulochana A.L. On 13/05/2023 11:27:56

Technology is making vast changes in businesses globally, requiring managers with newer skills and a strong understanding of technologies. Almost all the companies in India are looking for graduates with adaptability in newer skills in technology. In India, many B-schools are working on providing value-added courses so that MBA aspirants are welcomed by top MNCs. 

Impact of emerging technology in various sectors. top ten mba colleges in bangalore

1)Manufacturing: Innovative techniques have resulted in considerable cost-cutting and improved quality of production with efficient operations. The manufacturing sector has adopted Automation, Smart Electronics, Optimized Supply chains using RFID, Internet of Things.

2) Banking; The banking sector around the world today is using several technologies like Algorithmic Trading, Blockchain, Crypto Currencies, Internet Banking, and Payments Banks. top 20 mba colleges in bangalore

3)IT-ITES: IT/ITES has blended with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence striving in the digital era. The application of Soft and Hard robotics has improved the efficiency of the outputs by reducing the downtime for processing and improving the quality.

4) The Media Industry: The Media industry is using new mediums of communication like social media which have resulted in enormous shifts in consumer behavior and other technologies like Video on Demand and Augmented Reality. top 10 mba colleges in bangalore

Therefore, due to emerging technologies, the MBA curriculum has changed drastically which bridges the gap to meet corporate needs.

Certifications like Advance Excel, Tally, SAPFico, Digital marketing, BI, SQL, Data science, Design Thinking, AI, etc has become the need of the day. mba in data science in bangalore

The above value-added courses help in

  • Automate the processes which is financially feasible
  • Leveraging the data to make better business decisions and enable personalized customer experiences
  • Innovative thinking results in capacity building
  • Data and Analytics help in visualizing greater insights

MBA aspirants look into courses with certification that adds value to their course and also get ROI.

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