The societal aspect of MBA education

Posted by Santosh Sahni On 21/11/2016 00:11:44

The popular perception about MBA is that it is done with a purpose of landing handsome and high-paying jobs in multinational companies. In some ways, it is true also – MBAs happen to be more-paid and powerful as compared to professionals in other jobs. But, there is another dimension to MBA also, that is being socially responsible. Because MBAs have both the financial as well positional advantage, they have better scope for impacting society and its developmental needs. And, as they ‘charity begins at home’, this value of societal concerns must begin at B-Schools.

Given the hectic schedule of an MBA program, finding time and resource to inculcate social values may be bit difficult but not impossible. Most responsible B-Schools have taken to it naturally. They also have a separate wing to foster such values in students. The results of such value-education would surely be reflected in student-enrichment as well enhancement of respective institutes’ reputation in the business world. In fact, recruiting companies value moral, ethical and societal values as contributing factors to their companies’ goodwill. Therefore, this dimension of inculcating societal values in aspiring MBAs assumes greater significance than ever before.

International Institute of Business Studies-IIBS, apart from producing high-earning MBAs, has also given impetus to building values that would benefit companies in particular, and society at large. It all starts at its special wing for value education. Because of such initiative, IIBS has been able to produce business leaders of substance. Some of its alumni have greater impact not only on business front but also society at large. Now, is not there a purpose beyond the enticement of money and power?


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