A Guest Lecture on Great HR Festival | MOM Programme | Day-15 | Session- 1 | MBA in HR Bangalore

Posted by Dr. K. Venkateswarulu On 06/08/2022 06:52:46

Dr. K. Venkateswarulu organized this session for 2022 batch students on the 15th day of the MOM programme. He has invited Mr. Savan Somayajula, Head-Learning & OD, Bonito Designs Pvt. Ltd., as a resource person. He has over 13 years of experience developing and deploying learning strategies in the Banking, Finance, EdTech, and Interior Design industries. Learning strategy, learner experience, instructional design, eLearning, Content Development, and facilitation are some of the specialties. The session's goal was to help students understand the value created by the HR function in modern organizations.

The speaker emphasized that recent work trends disrupted by digitalization, pandemic, and employee-driven talent market require HR students to go beyond traditional learning and explore ways to add value to organizations. As a result, students must develop a strong skill set, including knowledge of how the department works.

This new age skill set is what defines the direction of HR as a function:

  1. Digital fluency 
  2. Learning agility
  3. Empathy and listening
  4. Data literacy and critical thinking


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