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Posted by Prof. Dr Rajasulochana A.L. On 24/11/2022 11:25:28

Time Management Tips That Will Boost Your Productivity and manage the multitasking role.

Time management is all about making the most efficient use of your time and working smarter, not harder. It requires planning, patience and lots of discipline. best MBA colleges in Bangalore

1. Set clear goals

setting a timeline and setting goals. While setting a timeline gives you an idea of how long it’ll take you, setting your goals allows you to focus your energy on the things you want to achieve. This automatically makes you more productive and allows you to plan your schedule efficiently. Think equally about your long terms plans and goals as well as your short-term schedule. Dedicate 30 minutes out of your morning routine to go over your daily schedule. Challenge yourself by doing your toughest task first to get it out of the way.

2. Create a routine

Just like exercising, the more you stick to your routine, the easier it gets. Create a daily flow that works for you and keep it consistent. Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, plan your tasks in a way that you know you will be most productive and keep it the same throughout your week. Your body naturally responds to repetitive behavior. MBA it colleges in Bangalore

3. Avoid distractions

Life is full of wonderful distractions. Close all irrelevant browser tabs, put your phone away, out of sight, and on silent. Some people like listening to music while others enjoy a pre-meditation session to help get into the zone. Whether you work in a public space or at home, find a quiet spot where you feel comfortable at work! MBA in hr Bangalore

4. Leave a buffer time between tasks

The human brain can focus for about 90 minutes at a time, so giving your brain (and body) some cooling-off time is equally important for productivity. Whether it’s stretching your legs for 20 minutes, grabbing a snack, or cozying up with your pet, taking some time for yourself can make a big difference and improve concentration, not to mention, help you relax. You know when you’ll need a break.

5. Value your sleep

The average person needs around 8 hours of sleep for their body and mind to function optimally. According to research, people who have healthy sleeping habits are healthier, more productive, and less stressed. The truth is, when you work, your brain accumulates a lot of information that is collected throughout your day. When sleeping, your brain switches into processing mode, taking all of that information and organizing it in a way that makes more sense. MBA courses in Bangalore

6. Prioritize

One of the best ways to stay focused on accomplishing your goals is by prioritizing. Knowing how to prioritize work affects the time you spend on tasks and your overall success. Start off by creating a to-do list of tasks that need to get done. Make sure to order tasks by effort and begin planning your time accordingly. Creating a list will help you visualize your goals and determine what is actually most relevant, as well as most urgent. best MBA courses in Bangalore

7. Delegate

For those of us who like to be in control, the very thought of this is likely to provoke a bit of anxiety. That being said, no matter how much we’d hate to admit it, we can’t do everything ourselves. While you’re probably quite skilled in a number of areas, why not ask for help from people who are experts in their own field?  If there are things that can be better done by others, consider delegating. This will reduce your workload and allow you to be less stressed and more productive.MBA admission in Bangalore 2023

8. Know your limits (and when to say no!)

While there’s a bit of Superman (or Wonder Woman) in each of us, it’s still impossible to do everything. There will be times when an interesting business proposal or project pops up, and although the temptation is great, it’s important to know when to decline. Remember that there are certain sacrifices that need to be made if you want to accomplish your goals which also means, occasionally saying no.


Once you follow the above tips then you can manage your multitasking role within the stipulated time.

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