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Posted by Prof.Archana On 09/11/2022 06:25:52

A guest lecture was held at IIBS for the PGDM 2022 batch. Dr. Nagaraja, Prof. Mangala, and Prof. Archana coordinated the programme. Dr. MR. Girish was the program's speaker. Project Evaluation Techniques were the subject. mba in hr Bangalore

Professor Dr. M. R. Girish works at Bengaluru's University of Agricultural Sciences' Institute of Agribusiness Management. From 2007 to 2015, Dr. Girish coordinated placements for the MBA in agribusiness management. He had a key role in the hiring of 142 MBA graduates who are now employed by various banks and agribusiness firms. To research and learn about student internship methods, he went to three US universities (Purdue, Ohio State, and West Lafayette). MBA in human resource management in Bangalore

The speaker provided an overview of project monitoring and evaluation, including how the project's success and effectiveness will be determined. An efficient evaluation strategy should outline the project's monitoring procedures and goals. The following factors need to be considered when evaluating a plan: best MBA courses in Bangalore

  • Purpose of the Evaluation
  • Evaluation Questions
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Timetable and Work Plan
  • Collecting Data for an Evaluation
  • Data Collection Methods to Answer Evaluation Questions
  • Data Collection Tools and Activities
  • Data Analysis

The process of gathering, documenting, and organizing data about project outcomes, including short-term outputs (immediate deliverables from activities), as well as immediate and long-term project outcomes, is known as project evaluation (changes in behavior, practice or policy resulting from the project). MBA in business analytics in Bangalore

The evaluation of a project is predicated on a thorough analysis of the project as a whole. The success or failure of a project is determined by how well it meets its goals as a whole. The evaluation procedure leads to improved policy and execution. In the majority of government planning agencies, it has not yet become institutionalised. Establishing evaluation standards, criteria, and indicators within the first phases of the project planning process is necessary for effective project evaluation. many components of project evaluation There are various ways to evaluate a project; 

  • Financial evaluation
  • Economic evaluation
  • Market evaluation
  • Technical evaluation
  • Ecological evaluation

It was an interactive session. According to the student's assessment, the lesson was engaging and helpful, and they learned about the subject and the different project evaluation methods. MBA College in Bangalore with Business Analytics

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