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Posted by Student : Syed Khasim Baba On 04/11/2022 06:50:42

Apiculture is the scientific method of rearing Honey bees in beehives, Most Beehives are producing honey not up to the mark, One of the reason is Apiary, Apiary is a place where beehives are placed and managed to allow maximum food to collect by bees, A proper selection of site will help the bees to collect nectar and pollen from different flowers, Selection of the site is one of the Major factor, that effect the Amount of Honey produced in Beehives, and another is Apiary Management, what are the measure should we follow to have a good amount of honey in beehives. MBA courses in Bangalore

Selection of site:

  • The location should be easy to reach, for weekly inspection of beehives
  • The apiary should be in an area, where ample nectar and pollen grains yielding plants, Bees search for their food within a radius of 2-3km
  • The site should be free from dampness and low humidity area if High humidity will cause affect on the flight of honey bees
  • Beehives should be faced east so that bees can wake up early and go to work (collecting nectar and pollen)
  • The site should be flat for beehives and away from roads and traffic areas
  • Avoid beehives from heavy pesticide spraying zone and Animal Grazing zone
  • Distance between should be maintained properly it should be up to 3 meters
  • The site should be sheltered, so that honey bees can take a safe landing in their respective beehives
  • Keep the area clean and remove tall, heavy grasses that block the beehives
  • An apiary should not have more than 25 to 40 beehives, if too many beehives are present in the bee yard there will be a complete. 

Apiary management:

Most of the Apiary fail due to poor management and lack of knowledge and failure to do the right thing and the right time; we have to follow certain management practices to have effective honey production in beehives in the bee yard. 

  • Colony inspection:

The Beehives colony should be inspected weekly once, observe how queen bee fertility rate and monitor any mites& wax moths, and diseases that are present in the beehives. MBA in business analytics Bangalore

  • Cleaning of beehives:

Cleaning of beehives roofs, brood chamber, and wooden frames and removing eggs of wax moth, infected or diseased beehive

  • Feeding Bees with sugar syrup:

Sugar syrup is prepared with one portion of sugar and one portion of water (1:1ratio) to feed bees when in a dearth period to avoid robbing them particularly. best MBA courses in Bangalore

  • Addition of Artificial comb Sheet:

Changing of comb sheet will help to safe &easy way to handle honey from beehives, it saves time and energy for bees to build new ones. The comb foundation sheet is fixed in wooden frames (one in each) so that bees raise them as worker comb for laying eggs or storing honey which increases the honey yield. MBA in business analytics Bangalore


These are the practice and management that can improve the production of honey in beehives, Apiary can be a profitable business. It can increase the income of the farmer. MBA institutes in Bangalore

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