Corporate Expectation From Freshers

Posted by Prof.K.R.Chandrakala On 18/07/2023 05:48:45

A degree is a stepping stone to bigger and better opportunities. However, experienced professionals will state that, while a degree opens up various doors, the only way to seal the deal is to develop some essential soft skills to enhance your profile.
Corporations are always on the lookout for well-rounded and informed candidates who can push their brand in the right direction. Here are some challenges freshers face in the corporate world

•Communication Skills
Perhaps one of the most essential tools, communication and appropriate expression of thought can make all the difference. Employers expect prospective candidates to be articulate and express their thoughts with clarity and precision. Apart from the actual interview, mailing skills also play an important part in gauging professionality.

•Learning Aptitude
Adaptability is the key to steady growth. Even though the fundamentals of a job might not change, the processes, systems, and products might be upgraded over time. An employee who can shed outdated methods and adapt to new processes effectively is more likely to be considered for bigger opportunities.
•Out-of-the-Box Thinking
Innovation drives a business. The new ideas bring to the table define either a follower or a leader. Hiring managers are always inclined toward candidates who can bring fresh ideas to their organization.

•Domain Knowledge
Domain proficiency is one of the basic qualifiers for a candidate to be considered for a job. For an extra edge, read up on the current trends in the domain and update your understanding of the subject. 

•Teamwork / Collaboration
“Teamwork makes the dream work.” Unless employees cooperate and work together in harmony, the company cannot function smoothly. Corporations are made up of various teams who work towards a common goal. Being a team player with a zest for collaborative insights is considered a strong strength by prospective employers.
•Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Interviewers tend to throw hypothetical challenges to gauge problem-solving skills. Candidates who can come up with professional solutions exude more confidence and show character which puts them in the running for the position.
•Attention to detail

Small gestures go a long way. Candidates who show earnestness and a natural flair for minute details are a dream to work with. This puts employers at ease because they know you're reliable, punctual, and a stickler for rules.
•Leadership Quality

A good manager is someone who pushes for team growth and progress. Employers look for candidates who show a natural potential to be future managers.
•Digital Knowhow

Most jobs will now list a set of computer applications or programs they expect the candidate to be aware of. Even if the use of the application does not directly affect your day-to-day work, it is advisable to be adept with basic skills. Apart from boosting resumes, and also make suggestions to speed up current processes with the help of relevant computer applications.

•Professionalism / Work Ethic
A critical commandment for an employer is choosing a candidate who displays ethical judgment and a strong sense of integrity. Long-term associations can be formed only by build in trust with managers. The reaction to difficult situations and owning up to the errors goes to show that you are sincere and just.

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