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Posted by Prof. Susmitha TP On 02/02/2023 07:54:59

The availability of new knowledge-sharing methodologies or technologies, expanding and diverse student population, and of course, the gradual globalization of the educational process, have all led to revolutionary changes in the paradigm of teaching and learning. To make the teaching-learning process more innovative, and fruitful for both teachers and students, it is crucial for the faculties to perfect their current abilities, create new ones, and grasp the complexities of the art, philosophy, and science of teaching. To this end, the IQAC Department of IIBS has organised a one-day faculty development programme on outcome-based education for management excellence, on January 28th, 2023. best colleges for mba correspondence in Bangalore

This faculty development program's key goals are to reinforce the concept of outcome-based education and increase faculty members'  skills in the teaching-learning system. The programme was inaugurated by Dr.Bhaskar Reddy, Academic Director of IIBS.  The resource person for the event was Dr. M S Ranga Raju,  a Certified Master Trainer- NBA, New Delhi.  All the faculties have actively participated in the session. It was coordinated by Dr.Kethan M, IQAC Coordinator. The programme was planned in such a way that it should maximise learning efficiency, effectiveness, and quality in teaching and learning to remain relevant to the times. online mba colleges in bangalore

The resource person, MS Ranga Reddy, has more than 30 years of expertise in the academic sector, namely in the teaching of the decision sciences and human resource management verticals. As an NBA resource person, he has led training sessions at numerous colleges throughout Karnataka. He has created, developed, and led an MDP for B School professors and businesses on "Research for Aspirants." Additionally, he created the EDP for "Nurturing Business and Technical School Practice for Excellence in the Era of Outcome-Based Education—The Promoter's Perspective." mba colleges in bangalore list

The following points were covered in detail throughout the first part of the training by using relevant examples. top ten mba colleges in bangalore

  • A vision of a business school
  • The mission of a business school
  • Translating vision into action
  • Program Educational Objectives and Students Outcomes
  • Program Outcomes (POs)
  • Assessment tools
  • Outcome-based Education and Its Implementation
  • Blooms Taxonomy

The resource person thoroughly described the outcomes throughout the second half. Course Outcome (CO), Program Outcome (PO), Program Specific Outcome (PSO), and Program Educational Objective (PEO) are the four degrees of the outcome. The concepts of CO, PO, PSO, and PEO, as well as their actual application, were more heavily emphasised in this session. mba it colleges in bangalore

The resource person introduced the idea of outcome-based education and related ideas like Bloom's level, framing the exam according to Bloom's taxonomy, and CO, PO, PSO, and PEOs. Additionally, he described the relationship between each question's prepared mapping and one or more COs, which will assist determine how well each student performed on the tests.

To determine the extent to which the students have obtained the COs & POs, PSOs & PEOs, the final results and conclusions are employed in each evaluation technique. mba business analytics bangalore

He also emphasised the evaluation tools that were used. There are two kinds of assessment: direct and indirect. Students must demonstrate their knowledge and skills using direct measures. As proof of what students have and have not learned as a result of a course, they offer concrete, observable, and conscience evidence. It consists of assessments that are part of the course itself, such as tests, papers, projects, presentations, etc. Indirect evaluations gauge a person's thoughts on their own knowledge, abilities, attitudes, learning experiences, perceptions of the services they received, or the opinions of employers. mba colleges in bangalore list

Although these kinds of evaluations are crucial and required, they do not directly assess students' performance, like entry and exit surveys, Alumni surveys, etc. A++ Rated PGDM college in Bangalore

Additionally, he mentioned that the NBA suggests "Rubrics" as a technique for evaluating and assessing the attainment level of POs and Cos. A rubric is a scoring guide that includes standards for assessing students' work in direct relation to one or more of the POs and a grading scale with different performance levels.  Students learning is improved by rubrics, which give them clear instructions on what is expected of them. NAAC accredited MBA college in Bangalore

The resource person instructed the faculty on CO-PO mapping in an excel sheet at the conclusion of the session. An interactive Q&A session followed the presentation to conclude it. All the faculty members and the resource person had enough conversations and deliberations using practical examples. ABM colleges in Bangalore

It had made a substantial contribution to raising faculty members' professional competency. This session offered practical experience in re-engineering academic procedures that can raise the quality of the institute's output. A++ Rated MBA college in Bangalore

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