IIBS ALP-2022 Adventure Learning Program | NAAC accredited MBA college in Bangalore

Posted by Prof-Susmitha TP On 23/08/2022 06:05:51

On the 21st day of the MOM programme, IIBS hosted an ALP for IIBS batch-2022 students in Ram Nagar. At 6 a.m., the students and faculty members, Dr.Samiya Mubeen, Dr.Syed Shahid Raza, and Prof. Sibanand Das, left the hostel for Ramnagar. It was an energetic start, and students enjoyed listening to music and dancing on the bus journey. They arrived at 9 a.m., were given dorm rooms, and then all gathered for breakfast.

The atmosphere was clean and vibrant. The ALP guide addressed the students after breakfast. After that, everyone was asked to gather for an introduction and warm-up session. Students were divided into two groups for the activities. The first activity was rippling, which was followed by ziplining, jumaring, and other fun games. Then, the rain dance was the most exciting part. It was an amazing experience, and all the students danced to the Bollywood and south songs together. Then the students gathered for tea and were briefed on the night's stay as well as tent etiquette. 

After the day's activities, dinner was served, followed by a bonfire and a musical performance. The students were taken on a morning trekking the following morning. This 8-kilometer trek included many steeps and rocks. But all climbed to the top of the mountain together, which was the most blissful experience of the trip. The entire programme was an excellent energy booster to start off the academic year.

In today's corporate world, self-determination, problem-solving ability, temperance, teamwork, and poise are all required, and an adventure activity helps to develop these qualities in them. This also helps an MBA candidate develop a dynamic personality in preparation for working in a global business setting. Management students must be exposed to adventure programmes that allow them to develop their own management ethos, personality traits, and cross-cultural demands in the workplace.

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