Workshop on “Why Data Analytics is Important for Financial Markets” |MBA in Data Science in Bangalore

Posted by Dr. Anil kumar.R On 09/08/2022 06:58:47

On the 16th day of the MOM programme, Dr. Anilkumar. R has organized this workshop for the 2022 batch of students. The resource person for the session was Mr. G.Vijaya Raghavan, Managing Director of Stockton. The Speaker initiated the session with ice breaking fun activity. Students gained fundamental insights into Stock Market Industry and its relevance to Data analytics. Mock Stock Analysis Game was conducted and students were divided into teams and competed with each other, finally, one team was declared the winner.

Key learning by students from the Workshop:

Data analytics refers to the practice of analyzing massive quantities of data to uncover commonalities, insights, and patterns. Data analytics can be applied in different types of businesses, including healthcare, politics, retail, banking, and government organizations. In any industry where you have the ability to acquire previous data patterns and assess performance compared to current-day data, you’ll be able to get greater insights that help your decision-

In the stock market, data analytics isn’t used to replace human traders or investment advisors—rather, they can be used to provide extra insights and context on probable patterns in stock performance, based on a range of criteria and prior performance. Traders can use these insights to decide when to buy, sell, or hold stock and to find the appropriate allocation for their portfolios. MBA in Data Science in Bangalore

Data analytics isn't going to replace human investment advisors or risk managers in the near future. While data analytics can help you identify patterns and trends, it's still necessary to rely on a blend of machine and human insights when making investment decisions or monitoring risk. But data analytics and machine learning, when utilized successfully, may help automate chores, help detect possibilities or warning flags, and provide continuing insights into stock or portfolio performance.

Application of data analytics in finance

  • Get real-time stock market insights
  • Make use of algorithmic trading.
  • Offer a more effective strategy to your customers.
  • Recognize fraudulent behavior


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