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Posted by Prof. Susmitha TP On 08/11/2022 09:49:22

On November 5, 2021, Kannada Rajyotsava was hosted by the Fine Arts Club, IIBS Cultural Fiesta on the IIBS campus. Kannadigas commemorate this day as the day the state of Karnataka was created by the union of all the South Indian territories that spoke the Kannada language. MBA it colleges in Bangalore

The state's official red and yellow flags are flown on the streets, homes, and government buildings to commemorate Karnataka Rajyotsava Day, the day the state was founded. The Rajyotsava Awards, the second-highest civilian honour in the state, are also presented on this day each year. The awards, which were established in 1966, are presented to professionals in a variety of sectors, including agriculture, the environment, education, journalism, the legal system, literature, medicine, music, sports, and social service. Public holiday is marked on the state foundation day, which also includes the raising of the official Karnataka flag and an address by the governor and chief minister of the state. Bangalore MBA top Colleges

At IIBS, the programme started with prayer and lamp lighting. The students emphasised the importance of the day. There were performances of several traditional Karnataka cultural forms. The students delivered prayers for the state of Karnataka and used speech and presentation to show off Karnataka's splendour. Professor Narayan Prasad spoke to the students about the significance of students valuing Karnataka culture. A large number of students stood up to discuss their history, origin, culture, and ethnicity. Later, the students gave a speech outlining the significance of Kannada Rajyothsava. MBA colleges in Bangalore list

Through dance, singing, and talks, IIBS students from many Indian states displayed the rich culture and tradition of Karnataka. The State Anthem marked the end of the festivities. The students' tribute to Late Dr.Puneeth Rajkumar, an Indian actor who acted in Kannada films, and the playing of a video in his honour were the program's high points. Dr. Rajkumar was given the state's highest civilian honour, the Karnataka Ratna, after his death. top ten MBA colleges in Bangalore

Members of the IIBS family attended the gracious event, joined in, and contributed to its success. The rich culture and heritage of Karnataka were clearly understood by IIBS students owing to this programme. Despite coming from different states, everyone still liked and enjoyed the programme.

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