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MBA Batch 2021-2023- Management Oriented Program 



One of the main aspirations of an MBA student is to become a well-to-do professional in the corporate world. IIBS has acknowledged Management Orientation Month (MOM) and the main focus of this initiation is to make students reach their goals. The corporate world expects every professional to possess certain qualities to fulfill their employer's tasks allocated to them. This program helps them achieve perfection in executing their plans, which ensures the success of the individual in the organization. The main aim of this initiative is to bring people from different platforms to the vital discipline of management. This will bring them to the path of acquiring knowledge, tuning their skills, and having an attitude to reach their goals.



  1. Mold students to get knowledge about MBA programs.
  2. Providing a student an opportunity to identify themselves among others.
  3. Familiarizing students with an environment of growth & prosperity.
  4. To provide an opportunity to identify themselves among others.
  5. To enhance their confidence to communicate with others.
  6. To shred their inhibition in a congenial environment.
  7. To identify & explore the capabilities by utilizing their potentials.
  8. To realize themselves about their level when compared to the expected levels of the corporate world.
  9. To bridge the gap through a finalized path of success for their achievement.
  10. To develop human relationships with a group dynamic.

About MOM 2021-23

MOM program was organized for MBA batch 2021-2023 along with Orientation Program. The program began with a brief inaugural ceremony followed by the lighting of the lamp by dignitaries, faculty, and students. Our registrar Prof. NSR Murthy welcomed and enlightened the students with his knowledge and experience in the Management program and placements. Also, Prof.Kuldeep Sharma - Director of, Academics spoke about IIBS being one of the best B-schools and students making one of their best decisions. This was followed by a speech by Mr. G V Maheshwara Reddy – Director, Admission who spoke about students’ dreams and aspirations while choosing a management program. And about the institution. Later, Dr. T Jagayya – Principal, Undergraduate made students feel welcome at our institution. 

We had Dr. BrajKishor Gupta with us as our Chief Guest.  Dr.Gupta educated students about being positive and working harder towards their achievements but not settling for the few. The 1st half of the program was concluded with a vote of thanks by students. 

The second half of the program started with a positive attitude session on grooming the students conducted by Chief Guest Dr. BrajKishor Gupta and Asst. Prof Mr. Anil Kumar.

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