Beyond the MBA classroom - What you get to learn at IIBS B-school Bangalore

On 14/09/2021 07:00:40

Beyond the MBA classroom - What you get to learn at IIBS

IIBS Bangalore is emerging as one of the best MBA colleges to watch out for in 2019- 2020. With its various management programs and education methodologies, it has carved talented students into thorough professionals by equipping them with world-class knowledge and capabilities to challenge the industrial pressure.

Unlike a typical MBA classroom, IIBS has a vivid adventure learning system that encompasses them with qualities prime to become corporate ready, globally. Apart from being technically and methodologically competent, students here are conditioned in an environment that builds the creative juices in them to take up the human aspects of being a professional such as leadership qualities, humility, trust, co-operation and much more.

IIBS believes in and delivers a 360-degree approach towards learning. This leads to the overall development of the students while being practical at the same time. They realize that maximum learning happens when students are given the freedom to explore themselves in challenging situations. That’s the power of informal learning which sets IIBS and its students apart.

With this exquisitely designed algorithm, IIBS has seen proven results in the overall development of a student’s personality by making them a team player when required and also to take up a leadership role should there be a need. They become better problem solvers, focused and dedicated and value time like a pro.

At IIBS, it's not only about who you are but about who you eventually be – Learning never stops!

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IIBS Bangalore Welcome you to experience the superior professionalism and CSS - Cultural Connection as you pass through IIBS and let the change begin within you through IIBS.