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Posted by Prof. Susmitha TP On 04/12/2021 07:49:51

Many developing Asian countries' futures are characterized by a lack of capital, excessive reliance on agriculture, and an ample supply of manpower. Fortunately, these economies have realized that agriculture cannot supply their local needs and that, as a result, land pressure may be significantly eased through the establishment of small-scale industry. The term "small scale" is the most appropriate for underdeveloped countries. MBA finance in Bangalore

In ancient times, the concept of "small scale industry" was practiced in age-old traditional methods. The concept of small-scale industries is evolving, and it was shaped during the planning phase. Since then, it has been kept up until 2006. These units have been consolidated into the "Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises" category (MSME). The statute clearly distinguishes between two types of industries: enterprises engaged in the manufacturing or production of items for any industry, and enterprises engaged in the provision or rendering of services.

Despite its valuable contribution to the nation's economy, the SSI sector lacks the necessary backing from government departments, banks, financial institutions, and corporations, making it difficult to compete in national and international markets. Due to a variety of issues, small-scale industries in India have been unable to progress satisfactorily. The efficiency of the entrepreneur and his or her employees is critical to the success of a small business. Small businesses face numerous challenges as a result of inefficient human factors and untrained labor. Small-scale industries have a challenge due to a lack of adequate skilled manpower in the rural sector. Small-scale industries face multiple difficulties, along with an insufficient and timely availability of financial facilities. This is due in part to a lack of cash and in part to the country's small businesses' poor creditworthiness. As a result, they may have to deal with hesitant creditors who will only lend at a very high interest rate. MBA in Data Analytics in Bangalore

Small businesses have a difficult time obtaining raw materials. The issues develop as a result of faulty and irregular raw material supply, a lack of sufficient amount of raw materials, occasionally the poor quality of raw materials, rising raw material costs, foreign exchange crises, and, most all, entrepreneurs' lack of knowledge of government policy. Small-scale enterprises face a number of challenges, one of which is marketing. Their products do not match favorably to the quality of large-scale units' products due to a lack of structured marketing. They also fail to obtain sufficient information about consumers' product preferences, tastes, and preferences.

The Indian economy is plagued by a lack of infrastructure. The majority of small units and industrial estates in towns and cities suffer from one or more issues, such as a shortage of power, water and drainage issues, inadequate roads, raw materials, and marketing issues. It will have a negative impact on the firms' quality, quantity, and production schedule, resulting in capacity underutilization. Small-scale units have a hard time competing with large-scale unit products and imported articles, which are substantially cheaper and of higher quality than small-scale unit products. Top ten MBA colleges in Bangalore

They include inadequate project planning, administrative deficiencies, outdated and conventional designs, a high degree of obsolescence, and so on, in addition to the aforementioned issues. Because of all of these issues, small-scale industries have been unable to progress to a prominent stage.

To summarise, SSI promotion is critical in developing economies like India in order to achieve equitable income and wealth distribution, economic self-sufficiency, and entrepreneurial development. To enable the SSI sector to take its rightful place as the Indian economy's growth engine, it is vital to encourage, educate, and empower MSMEs so that they may make the best use of human and financial resources to achieve success. 

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