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The term "human resources" is used to refer to both the employees of a business or organisation as well as the division in charge of overseeing all employee-related issues. Employees are one of the most valuable resources in any company or organisation. When the importance of labour relations started to gain attention and ideas like motivation, organisational behaviour, and selection assessments started to take shape in all different kinds of work environments, the word "human resources" was first used. mba hospital management colleges in bangalore

An organization's management and personnel development are referred to collectively as "human resource management" in modern parlance. Human resource management, often known as people or talent management (although both words are a little out of date), entails supervising all activities associated with managing the human capital of a business.

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a systematic method to managing a company's workforce, workplace culture, and environment to maximise efficiency and productivity. To quantify worker success, metrics are typically used top 20 mba colleges in bangalore

Major areas of human resources

Therefore, human resource management is concentrated on a number of key areas, such as:

• Staffing and hiring
• Compensation and benefits
• Learning and development
• Labour and employee relations
• Organizational development

No matter the size of the company, the HR department is a crucial aspect of the operation. Its duties include increasing employee productivity and safeguarding the business from any problems that might develop within the workforce.

Compensation and benefits, hiring, dismissing, and staying current on any regulations that may effect the business and its employees are just a few of HR's duties. top 20 mba colleges in bangalore

A company's human resources department focuses on luring new hires and keeping them on board. Employee recruitment, hiring, and firing are often handled by HR. It manages ties with employees. It oversees welfare schemes. An employee can go there with inquiries about their role at the organisation, to resolve problems, and to voice complaints.

HR management strategies

There was a drive for strategic initiatives inside HR departments starting in the 1980s. Research about the effects of employeerelated issues on a company's long-term commercial success served as the foundation for this approach [6,7].

These tactics are collectively known as Human Resource Management (HRM) methods. A holistic approach to managing people as well as the culture and environment of an organisation is HRM. It focuses on the hiring, supervision, and overall management of the workforce in an organisation. top 10 mba colleges in bangalore

A human resources department that implements HRM techniques often takes a more active position in enhancing a company's staff. To management, it might suggest procedures, strategies, and commercial solutions. 

One company that has implemented a more proactive strategy for employee interactions through its HR department is Google. The employer provides a wide range of benefits. There are many amenities available for staff members at the corporate headquarters, such as horseshoe pits, fitness centres, and roller hockey rinks. Employee satisfaction is the same as employee productivity for Google. top 10 mba colleges in bangalore

Since the middle of the 20th century, several businesses have outsourced a few of the more common administrative and transactional HR tasks in an effort to free up the department to suggest and implement more significant, value-adding programmes that have a beneficial impact on the company's operations. online mba colleges in bangalore


Strategic and comprehensive ways to managing people as well as workplace culture and environment are all part of human resource management. A company's most valuable asset—its human capital—must be nurtured and supported, and it is the responsibility of human resources professionals to do this through the development and administration of programmes, policies, and procedures as well as by fostering a positive work environment through strong employee-employer relations. The idea behind human resource management is that staff members who are subject to good HRM are better equipped to contribute to a company's overall direction and ensure that company goals and objectives are met. The traditional administrative and personnel responsibilities of the human resource management team have greatly expanded in recent years.

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